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Look Before You CLICK!! – Or You Might End Up With Hanson Tickets!!

My wife recently attempted to buy us tickets to a show. She heard on the radio that the band Blue October would be in St Louis, and the tickets were on sale now. We’ve seen them twice, and they are amazing. Of course, we buy our tickets online like everyone else. Much like Amazon has us by the wallet, TicketMaster has deep roots in our credit history, and we’re okay with that.

My wife went to the site but found that the Blue October tickets weren’t available yet. So, since she was already there, she looked to see what other bands were coming to town. She saw that Steve Vai (one of my personal guitar heroes) would be playing in November. She clicked on a link and found that the tickets were general admission – didn’t think anything about it. Another click, enter her credit card info, a final click, and…….



Yes, folks. My wife had bought us tickets for that very evening to see Hanson, the MMMBop kids from 1997, who apparently are still at it.

She immediately called me at work to tell me about it. Then after I laughed myself to the floor, I asked her if we would be going to the show. It was date night, after all.

“Hell no! The other twenty people that bought tickets are plenty.”

I’m sure the boys in HANSON are a fine band, but they are definitely not on our playlist. Unfortunately, the tickets were for that very evening, and we couldn’t find anyone that would take them. So they went unused, and we’re out $120 – which is another rant altogether.

So, let this be a warning to ALL online shoppers!

Look before you CLICK!
Be very very VERY sure before you CLICK.
Or you might end up with HANSON tickets!