Who is this Guy?

I am an Engineer, Musician, Roman History Buff, and World Traveler. I have always had thoughts that I felt would make wonderful reading and have now taken the leap begun writing. Besides the blog, I am working on a novel and several short stories.

Current Projects:

  • Editing:   The List
  • Writing:  The List: Bad things

Tagline: Sicily has a list of people she would take out if she ever crossed that line with nothing left to lose. Someone has gotten her list and is using it. Now, she must stop them before the police trace it back to her.

2 replies on “Who is this Guy?”

Ok, so help me out here …
I, too, have a list and I’m prepared to do a deal with you. When Sicily finds the person who has her list and manages to retrieve it you let me know who the silent assassin is and I’ll send them MY list that they can work on. That will keep them busy, keep other people out of trouble, plus do me a massive favour.
Don’t worry about my well being, I’m good at alibis.
p.s. Great book idea!

Thank you for the encouragement. I am currently shopping it around, so if you happen to know any agents…
I am partway through plotting the second book and am still open to suggestions – lists.

By the way, I’ve really enjoyed your recent “Letter to My Younger Self” series. Marvelous stuff and makes one think.

Keep up the good work.

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