Submitting Stories

I have a short story I’m trying to submit for publication. I have submitted poetry and flashfiction before but never really anything longer and never without having a target publisher to focus on. For the first time I’m searching for a publisher of something already written. The piece is intended for older children, maybe middle grade. I don’t usually write for younger people, but this is a story I’ve had banging around for years and finally feel that it is complete.

My issue/complaint is the sesarch itself. I’ve been poking around on Submittable for a while, but now that I look closer, they really focus on contests, magazines, and anthologies. I’m not sure that is what I am seeking.

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I found a list from Authors Publish Magazine but most of them want hard copy submissions, which really surprised me. Isn’t this the 21st century? Whatever happened to working by email? They also frown on simultaneous submission. If you’re not familiar with that: it is when an author submits a manuscript to more than one publisher at the same time. It’s kind of a first-come first-served situation, but publishers don’t like it.

However, it can take 3 to 6 months to get a response from a publisher, if they send a response at all. Many only respond if they want the story. So, a writer would have to wait the six months before they can submit to another publisher. There are a LOT of outlets for stories out there. If a writer stuck to a single submission at a time, it could take years to find a publisher!

I refuse to work that way and will consider every submission to be simultaneous. I’m fishing for an outlet and want to contact as many as possible.

I have yet to actually submit, but am collecting some potential contacts.

Wish me Luck!!

Or send advice!

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Beer and Ice Cream!!  It’s a Thing!!

Xmas and New Years Traditions

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CBD-infused Junk Email

My junk email has basically exploded in the last several months. I’m getting 300 junk emails a day! It’s all CBD supplements, erectile fixit pills, horny women, and Tinnitus – whatever that is. I also seem to have an issue with my US Bank/Chase/Target card that I didn’t know I had.

I am beginning to see this as a concerted marketing strategy. The advertising industry has made a career out of selling us things we didn’t realize we even needed. Now, they have taken it one step further and created an entire supply chain of interconnected products/services that support/lead to each other. Regardless of where you begin in the chain, you will be dragged kicking and screaming to them all. And the kicker is that you didn’t realize needed any of them.

Example: I’m feeling rather stressed and finally look at an email for CBD gummy bears and am convinced to give them a try. I purchase them with my Chase card, get mellow and kind of bunky at which time I contact a ‘horny local college student’ only to find out that I am too mellow to get it up for said ‘college student’, so I click on another email and purchase a years’ supply of Erect-ylanol on my USBank card. By this point, my Tinnitus is flaring up due to the screeching of my credit card bills and I am so stressed out that I need to upgrade to CBD-infused bubble bath to relax with my horny college girl and her mom. Now you might think that I have myself fixed up tight, but noooo….. It turns out that mom is still married. Luckily I just received a very timely email for Extreme Tactical Black Ops flashlights, which I, of course, purchase with my Chase card…

Now… you see what I mean.

I haven’t foggiest idea what an Extreme Tactical Black Ops flashlight can do, but I am very very sure they don’t allow you to put ‘Tactical’ on just any old flashlight. This ‘horny college student’s’ mom’s husband doesn’t know what he has coming.


This may be the CBD bubble bath talking, but I’m feeling like a psychic reading, right about now, and maybe a payday loan… hell, why not?

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Podcast #2 – Decorations

Wreath 2019
House decorated with suicidal wreath.

We put up decorations this week. There was some adventure with a ladder and a possibly suicidal wreath.


Podcasts and Recordings

Podcast #1

Sheri and I are trying to develop a podcast and perfecting our method as we go. We are understandably horrible, but please bear with us. We really are funny… No, really…


Tiny Bottles Go Bye-Bye

In the last few years, I have noticed small single-use bottles popping up everywhere. From alcohol sales to shampoo. My neighborhood is littered with them. It seems that the drunks can afford a handful of $.99 shots but not a full bottle. And they leave the detritus in my front yard.

Well, there is a growing pushback on the industry to limit the use of these bottles. And there seems to be some movement in the right direction.

Those Tiny Hotel Shampoo Bottles May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past



Gateway Writers Conference – St Louis

I went to my very first writers’ conference this weekend. It was nerve-wracking at first because I am not a ‘writer’ in my mind. I am a wannabe or a writer-in-training but definitely not a ‘Writer”. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the people there were at or near the same level as I. There were a number of published authors, even full-time writers, but there were no raging professionals to intimidate us. To be honest it was a rather modest conference but that made it perfect for a first-timer like myself.
My wife Sheri got me the tickets for Christmas as an incentive to finish the book I’m writing. The registration included pitch sessions with several agents. Of course, I was nervous. Okay, terrified. The book isn’t complete and I only finished the first draft a few weeks ago. So no, I didn’t think I was at all ready for this. But I went anyway. I figured it would be good practice and would give some good contacts for later. Imagine my surprise when I get two requests for the full manuscript when complete!!
Oh, Crap! If I thought the pressure was on me before, it’s ten-fold more intense now. I haven’t even finished the book and they want it!! My wife is all proud and poofy. I’m sweating in buckets.
But like they say, one word at a time. I met some wonderful writers-in-training over the weekend and will be joining a writers group to get some critique help on my book. I also, have some more experienced writers interested in my input on their projects. So, I now have some contacts in the industry that I can tap into when the time comes.
Overall, it was a very exciting weekend. I did two pitches and got two requests. I’m batting a thousand at this point. I spoke with several writers that had done a hundred pitches and hundreds of queries without a request for manuscript. They really curbed my enthusiasm beforehand but it was an easy painless process and I had nothing to worry about. I need to be worried about my completion date now. I think four months is as much as I can afford. I better get writing.

Shopping vs Delivery

Consumers are getting lazy. I think we can all agree with this statement. We can buy almost anything we want and have it delivered. Amazon alone has nearly the entire world available for next day shipping. Grubhub and Uber Eats will bring you food from almost any restaurant in your area. In the past, I have chosen my housing by who delivers in that area. I no longer need to consider those logistics.


Along with having my food delivered, I can have all my clothes, electronics, furniture, and entertainment delivered also. Shopping has become less of an outside activity than an in-home activity. I can peruse thousands of websites to find exactly what I am seeking and have it delivered the next day. How amazing is that?


Admittedly, online shopping and next day delivery are killing local retail stores and small businesses. I know this and have lamented it for years. But I have recently been forced to look at it from another perspective. How could this shift in business traffic, money flow, and consumer habits be a good thing?


I am an introvert and hate going out in public. I hate shopping. I hate crowds. I hate noisy restaurants with a hundred televisions distracting me. If I could avoid all of those things and stay home, I would take advantage of it. I think thousands of other introverts would also. The new consumerism gives me that freedom. Now, rather than just having the selections that the local retail shops have chosen to carry, I have the entire world of options to select from. This does have its own issues – too many options can be a problem. However, I can take as long as I want to make my choice in the comfort of my own home, without needing to leave the house or spend time going to different stores or even getting dressed. No crowds, no limited variety, no limited sizes, no limits at all really.


I have stopped complaining about Amazon taking over the world. They are but I no longer see it as a bad a thing as I used to. Our consumer habits are changing as they have always changed. Businesses need to change with it or die. Malls are going to disappear and I’m not really sad about that. Imagine what our cities and neighborhoods would look like if all the strip malls and ugly retail parking lots disappeared. How could that be a bad thing?


I still prefer to do my grocery shopping the old fashioned way and I still do most of my own cooking. I also prefer a good bookstore over Amazon any day, but for items that I don’t need immediately and that can be packed in a box, online shopping is now my friend. Please delivery my world to me. It would be a great future if I never ever have to stand in the lone open checkout lane behind six other people. That is something I will never miss.


Adventures in the Modern Writing – The Website

This is the first post of a series documenting my travels through the maze of a modern writing career.

Since this is the 21st century, I was told that a website and blog are required. I’ve begun a number of blogs over the years and have even posted to them on occasion but had trouble with producing enough material to post. I have a million things I want to write and say, but once I’m sitting at the keyboard they seem all flutter away like moths leaving me staring at the screen wishing for a topic.

However, I have made the conscious decision to take my writing more serious as a career path and purchased my own domain to support my work. I have a novel that I am shopping around and have some short stories that I am polishing. I felt that the time had come for me to take a step into the social aspect of marketing my work and my website is only the beginning. I truth I am not a very social person but over the years my wife has trained me to fake it. She now calls me a ‘charmer’. Crazy.

My wife is very supportive as reader, inspiration, and cheerleader. She is the social one of the team and can start a conversation with anyone. She will be supplying a topic when I can’t come up with one. I’m the writer of the team, so I can write about anything once confident about a direction. Between the two of us, I expect to be able to keep a regular flow of posts to the site.

Here is the first of many… I promise.