The Pandemic Has Arrived…

I am not all worked up about the virus at this point. I am just making other plans for my weekends because concerts are now frowned upon. So, I guess I’ll just sit in my office and work on my book in the hope that people will still be around to read it.

Which is a legitimate concern when one is dealing with a pandemic. It’s not just a normal epidemic but pan-demic. Like comparing normal thin crust pizza to a pan-pizza!! One is most assuredly better than the other.

I just imagine a herd of closeted writers curled up in their rooms safe and sound and clicking away on their plague-punk novel that will be the hit of the post-demic world. I would read that. I am not going to write it though. There are others much more prepared to jump on that wagon.


By Wayne Kearney

I am an engineer and struggling writer. By day I improve manufacturing processes and by night I write what ever the voices in my head feel like.

4 replies on “The Pandemic Has Arrived…”

Yes. I can say that I like Wolfram’s style. It’s not fluff, but also not as thick as trying to read Mommsen. I also love the topic, so my pencil is always handy to markup the text. And ‘yes’ I write in my books.

The Franks are discussed but not in any depth. The focus is mainly the Goths, Burgundians, and Vandals. Although the Franks did come into the picture more during the Hun attacks on Gaul. But again, the Franks were not a focus of the book.

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