Adventures in the Modern Writing – The Website

This is the first post of a series documenting my travels through the maze of a modern writing career.

Since this is the 21st century, I was told that a website and blog are required. I’ve begun a number of blogs over the years and have even posted to them on occasion but had trouble with producing enough material to post. I have a million things I want to write and say, but once I’m sitting at the keyboard they seem all flutter away like moths leaving me staring at the screen wishing for a topic.

However, I have made the conscious decision to take my writing more serious as a career path and purchased my own domain to support my work. I have a novel that I am shopping around and have some short stories that I am polishing. I felt that the time had come for me to take a step into the social aspect of marketing my work and my website is only the beginning. I truth I am not a very social person but over the years my wife has trained me to fake it. She now calls me a ‘charmer’. Crazy.

My wife is very supportive as reader, inspiration, and cheerleader. She is the social one of the team and can start a conversation with anyone. She will be supplying a topic when I can’t come up with one. I’m the writer of the team, so I can write about anything once confident about a direction. Between the two of us, I expect to be able to keep a regular flow of posts to the site.

Here is the first of many… I promise.

By Wayne Kearney

I am an engineer and struggling writer. By day I improve manufacturing processes and by night I write what ever the voices in my head feel like.

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